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We three kooky and talented gals decided to make tugs and leashes after attending the Agility Trials in Scottsdale AZ. We saw how tough and colorful the tugs and leashes were.  The agility dogs get ready by tugging on their favorite tug or even their leash then go and ace the agility run.  So cool.  We thought that we could make those pretty bright tugs and leashes!

These are three of our friends that did quite well in the trials.  We are very proud of the humans and the dogs.  The dogs are all Miniature Schnauzers as there was a National Specialty in Scottsdale for them. The leashes and tugs are put aside for the snazzy picture of their rewards.

After working with the leashes and tugs we found our own dogs loved the squeakies too, so we incorporated the Invincible squeaker with our colorful blizzard fleece  We also made little pillows or purses with the smaller squeaky and some crackle paper for extra fun.  These are little treasures to be carefully monitored by you. In other words, "Don't leave any toy, tug or leash unattended.".

In the beginning we tried other fleece and other places to buy it but quickly found that Blizzard fleece is the best.  Strong, durable, colorful, and soft to the touch.  The only thing that will destroy it will be to let your dog constantly chew the toy, tug or leash.  We all know that we want to keep our dog's playthings put away while we are gone from home.  We want them safe and happy.


About Us

Friends and Dogs at play

Drager playing with his very large tug.  He loves it so much he carries it to his bed at night.

His human dad Mike gets a workout with this tug!

Just some of the ribbons for the weekend.  These owners love their Minis and the Minis love Agility.

Need to keep in shape then try Agility with your dog. 

Black Lab Katie walking every day with her lady-like pink, white and black leash.  It is  thick in diameter because she is a big girl. 

Soft on the dog's neck and your hands.



Here we are on our way to deliver a "Bugful" of Starfire Dog Stuff to our local vet's waiting room. We sure have fun and your dogs will too.  Buy your toys, leashes, crunchies or tugs from us!

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