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To order your Toy, Tug, Leash, BellyBand, Cone, Sling or whatever you choose, please CLICK on the

"BellyBands, Leads, Toys, Cones" Page.  

Click your favorites and the Cart.  

We will fill our your order and you will love it.  

Use this Page to check out more of our Stuff.  

Remember to click on your choice and the Cart on the

"BellyBands, Leads, Toys, Cones" Page.

     Everything is Washer/Dryer Perfect like new.



We will pick out a very handsome and boyish dog toy or other item for you.  We know those boys like to get dirty and play rough.  These toys or whatever you choose will be perfect for your boy.

Remember that all our "Stuff" is completly wash and wear.  They come out like new!!!

Crunchy, Invincible, Squeaky, Tug or Bellybands for your boy's watergun to keep your house safe.

If you have a girl dog you probably would go for more girly colors like pinks, yellows and lighter shades.

We will make your little girl dog's toy or whatever you need look ever so feminine.  Just let us know if you want a Crunchy, Purse, Invincible, Cone or Sling.  It will be very pretty!

Just pick an Animal or a Paw Print.

Let us know you have a boy or a girl.  Also what toy, bellyband, cone or sling for your older dog.  

Animal Prints come in leopard, giraffe or zebra.

Paw Prints come in black with white paws, red with black paws or black with neon paws.

Any toy or vet type item. (Bellyband, Sling or Cone)

We use neon brights in tugs, leashes, to tie toys or inserted in Squeaky Purse for extra flash. Prints are used in Crunchies, Invincibles, Purses, Cones, Slings or wherever we can.  Very popular.

Just pick the item then tell us you want a bright neon print.

We will take care of the rest.



Name your color and we

have it.  

Two, three or four colors for your dog's tug or leash.

We find that two or three colors look best.  If you want to look busy then use four colors.  Let us know what colors you would like or just let us send you one.

Washer and Dryer recommended.  They come out brand new again.

Don't let them get dirty and ugly.



Boy Dog Stuff

Girl Dog Stuff

Animal or Paw Print Stuff


Neon Print Stuff

(A favorite)

Red, White and Blue!

Let us know what toy or other product you would like in these colorful American colors.

You can't go wrong by being Patriotic!



Solid Colors/

Tugs & Leashes

Patriotic Stuff

NFL Squeakers, Collars & Pennant

Football season is here!  Pick your favorite team or teams.  Order just a squeaky or a matching football collar.

Order both and we throw in a pennant.  

Great for gifts for Christmas for the people that have everything.

You tell us your team!!!

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