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Squeakies are the size of a dollar bill as you can see.  We make them round or purse size.  The dog seem to really love these toys.  They are just the right size and they feel so soft in their mouths.   They last forever! 
Choose your print here or on our "Look Again" Page for more ideas. Please type in your choices and how many when you order.
The special package with the NFL teams are in conjunction with a friend in Las Vegas. We have every team!
  • Details

    When making our squeaker for the inside of the toy we always wrap them 3 times and sew them closed. That gives extra strength plus makes the toy puffy. We then place the enclosed squeaker inside the round or purse style and double stitch them completly. We trim the edges to perfect and then put on the fringe.
    The NFL squeaky is special with 5 to 6 team color coordinated fleece sewn with the football material. Those sell for $7.00!!!!!
    The purse style squeaker is about 6" x 4" counting the fringe.
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