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Regular Crunchy, Small Crunchy & Baby Crunchy

Regular Crunchy, Small Crunchy & Baby Crunchy


Regular Crunchies are for most dogs and are $9.00. The dogs love them. Just right for their mouths. We are making Small size ($8) for Toy Breeds and Baby size ($6) for starting 3 week old puppies as their first toy.  They love them! 

All are double sewn on the side and one end..  All Crunchies have a very small amount of macaroni in the bottom and the top is glued closed.  To replace the bottle if you wish you may untie the bottom part only as we leave that unsewn and replace with a DaSanti bottle in Regular, Crystal Geyser in Small and 5 Hour Energy in Tiny.  They are washer/dryer proof and turn out like new again.

  • Regular size Crunchy

    Length: 15"
    Around: 9"
    All handmade right here in Southern California. Sizes will vary slightly.

  • Small Crunchies for Chihuahuas, Yorkies, etc.

    Double covered in our wonderful Blizzard fleece and 7 1/2" around and approximately 12"  from one cute end to the other.  Replacement bottles are 8 oz Crystal Geyser plastic water bottles.

  • Tiny Crunchies for baby pups in the littler box

    Tiny Crunchies teach the pups how to play with something that rattles.  We insert macaroni in the bottom of the 5 Hour Energy bottle and glue the tops closed.  Only 5" around and approximately 5 " long the babies love them.  

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