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Orthopedic Slings

Orthopedic Slings


Orthopedic Slings help your dog walk after surgery, if you have an arthritic dog or an ailing dog. They are colorful and strong as you work with your dog. There is a foam pad in the bottom center for comfort.  The large sling will fit very large dogs.  The smaller sling will fit most dogs under 40# and sells for $19.99.  We do make a much smaller size as a special order for very small dogs.  $14.99.  

They are all washer/dryer friendly and come out like brand new!
Choose a print here or go to the "Look Again" page. Type your choice and how many when you order and we will make your dog happy.

  • Details

    Sizes are Small or Large depending on the size of your dog. The 1/4" foam insert in sewn in the middle for your dog's comfort. The entire body in made of double fleece and double sewn. The handles are the same as our wonderful fleece tugs and extremely durable. These are so superior to the towel most are given after surgery.
    The smaller sizes cost $20.00

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