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Cones (Foam)

Cones (Foam)

The most comfortable cone your pal can wear while going through traumatic times. Not only feels good but very fashionable.  Many prints to choose from. 
The 12" Foam Cone is $19.99, 17" is $29.99 and the 24" for big dogs is $39.99. You get what you pay for. Comfort!
Go to the "look Again" page for color choices or look above. Type in your color choice and how many when you order and we will make your dog happy.
  • Details

    Made only with the fabulous Blizzard Fleece, 1/4" foam, boning at the end for support, elastic ties and industrial velcro.
    12", 17" and 24". The 24" has to have extra boning throughout. Or perhaps custom for your best buddy.
    Loads of great prints.
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