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Cat Toys & Blankets for Your Dog's Cat Friend

Cat Toys & Blankets for Your Dog's Cat Friend


If your dog has a cat friend then these toys are perfect.  The toy comes in a tube shape or a square.  Inside the middle is the catnip that drives them wild.  Then it is stuffed with pillow stuffing.  Sewn shut with it's feather tail sticking out with an added enticement of a bell tied to one end of the tube style toy.  Adorable and yet so very good at getting your cat to play.

I am making lots of blankets for cats too.  They love them!  I am amazed at how the animals love the feel of this bizzard fleece.  Easy to throw in the washer and dryer.  The blanket will come out like new!  The cost for the cat blankets are the same as my dog blankets as they both are made with great care and pride.

The sizes are approximate as i take care not to cut an important part of the print off.   The 30" x 20" is a large and sells for $20.00.  The 26" x 18" is a medium and sells for $18.00.  The smaill size is about 16" x 24" and is $15.00.  Your'e cat will love you!  Great gifts too!

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