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Belly Bands

Belly Bands

Very attractive and soft on your boy dog's "water gun". We use only the very best fleece and sew the band so it retains it's shape.  Measure around the waist right over his private area.  Give us this measurement.   
Many prints are shown on our Colors and Prints Page or scroll through below, then choose and describe from one of the pictures shown. You must type in your color choice and size.
Our Belly Bands have a nice thick foam insert and velcro to keep it closed neatly and securely.
Completely washer/dryer proof. Looks like new!
Get one for him to wear now, one that is ready and another in the washer. Shown are 3 Bellybands drying on a chair. Keeps your home completly free of stains. Great to take your dog visiting family or friends. Won't mark plus he will look very dressy in his Bellyband. Choose a print that will look good for special occasions!
  • Details

    Price for a Bellyband is $15.00 from 12" up to 20".
    Bellybands from 21" up to 29" will be $18.00. Anything 30" and over will be $20 and up.
    Refer to the picture of the stuffed dog for measurment area.
    Please type the total inches of your own dog's waist line as if it were a belt. Right over his "water gun". That will be his size.
    Most Mini Schnauzers wear a 17" waist by 3 1/2" wide band.
    Please let us know the breed of your dog just in case it may be a Dachshund. They are very long underneath which is important information.

    MEGA Custom Size = Over 30". Please call us or email size.
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