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We love our handmade

Starfire Toys!

Can you tell by looking at our yard?

I'm a Patriotic dog.  Love

my stars and stripes.

Danny doesn't sprinkle

in the house anymore.



To keep your dog comfortable while he heals. A fleece sleeve to fit

over the plastic cone or a cone made with foam for supreme comfort as shown.  The Best!



For boy dogs! No stains in your home or when you visit friends or stores.  Very trendy and handsome.  Perfect fit with velcro, foam and Blizzard fleece.



Riff from Las Vegas holding his Crunchy which is a  plastic water bottle enclosed in colorful Blizzard Fleece. Dogs love those bottles.  Completly Washer/Dryer Proof!  



To help your dog walk again after surgery or they have arthritic problems.

Comfort, beauty while they get better.  Foam insert at bottom for your dog.



Made with Blizzard Fleece. These tugs are strong and tough.  We have many types of Tugs so that all dogs will find some or all very interesting.



Indestructible squeakers only used.  Double stitched on side and both ends. Ties for extra fun colors.  Great sound.



 Shown braided with Blizzard Fleece.  You will never lose your keys again.  Two sizes available and completey washer/dryer proof.



All from Blizzard Fleece.

Match your dog's leash to their collar, your car or your favorite Team Colors.  Soft on your hand and their necks.

Small toy for the smaller dogs.  These little treasures are soft on the mouth.  Double stitched and range about 5" x 3" in the shape of a purse.  Bright prints.



Inside Squeaky is triple sewn and then inserted in the vivid toy with corresponding or neon fleece.




The package comes with the football Squeaky with your team colors, matching football collar and pennant.

 Donna Mullin and her Crunchies


Smarty Paws

in Las Vegas, Nevada.




















Donna teaches a class called:

Kinder Puppy.  





















When the puppies

graduate, Donna awards them 

a new Crunchy with their certificate.









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