NFL Squeakies, Collar & Pennant

NFL Squeakies, Collar & Pennant

The NFL package is for the real NFL team spirit people.  Show off your favorite team when you walk your dog or at a dog park. The pennant is for your TV room.  Every one will be envious because your dog is wearing your team's colors.  
Check DETAILS for individual prices.
Please type in your team and what package you want and how many when you order. If you order a COLLAR please TELL US THE SIZE.
  • Details

    The package with the pennant is $20.00 but you can buy the pieces individually. The Squeaky is $7.00 as it is 5 and 6 layers of team colored fleece. The collars are $15.00 up to neck size 15 1/2". Price goes up as the neck gets to 16" and over.







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