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Invincibles are loved by all dogs but better with smaller dogs because of their size. Shown are Invincibles displayed at the local Hallmark Store.  
The squeaker is extremely durable. The most favorable style we call the Pillow. It is shaped like a pillow and is double sewn with fringe around the edges. The "Hot Dog" style is double sewn on the side, both ends and tied with matching colors.
Go to our "Look Again" page for more ideas of colors or prints or choose a print shown here. Type in what you would like and how many when you order and we will make it happen.
Washer/Dryer proof to keep pretty and clean.
Please do not leave your dog unattended with any toy.
  • Details

    Length and width of the Pillow style: 7" x 4"
    Length of the Hot Dog style: 10" overall. Actual size of the squeaky is about 5 1/2". Please remember all Invincibles are completely handmade so size varies.
    Circumference: 7"
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